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Providing Peace of Mind for Tenants

Accidents happen. So when they do, it’s a good idea to be prepared. And that goes double when you’re living in rented accommodation. Why worry about losing your deposit or replacing your prize possession or meeting your rent when you could take out an insurance product with Tenant Shop Instead.

Our Tenant Insurance and financial protection products are specifically designed for tenants who are renting their property. So, whether you’re looking to protect your belongings and potentially your deposit, with our contents and tenant liability cover options, or you want peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones with our rent protection and life insurance products, we have several cost-effective solutions to suit your needs.

Tenant Shop is a leading financial services provider for the rental market. We can help you find the right cover that suits your circumstances. Our friendly and experienced product consultants will guide you through your options, and can help you work out how much cover you might need.

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Helping to Protect Your Contents & Rental Deposit

Tenants’ Liability Insurance

Protect yourself with up to £5,000 per claim with our tenants liability cover. If you accidentally damage your landlords property, furniture or fixtures, it can be worrying. It’s an expense you’ll likely have to pay for the damage from your security deposit. Having the right liability insurance can give you peace of mind that those little accidents are covered.

Tenants’ Content Insurance

Sometimes things happen that are totally out of your control — theft, fires, and flood, and sometimes even accidents can catch us off guard. We help you select the most suitable policy for your needs — we can even include ‘away from home’ cover for those extra special items that go with you everywhere. Our policy includes up to £10,000 tenants liability insurance as standard.

Ready to Protect Your Belongings & Rental Accommodation?

Protect You & Your Loved Ones with Financial Protection

Rental Income Protection

Rental income protection is designed to provide a regular monthly benefit which can be used help cover your rent and living expenses, should you be unable to work due to incapacity caused by an illness or injury, resulting in a loss of earnings, during the length of the plan.

Rental Life Insurance

Designed to provide a regular monthly benefit to your loved ones in the event of your death during the length of the plan. This could be used by your surviving family to secure your rental payments for many years to come.

Rental Life with Critical Illness Cover

Designed to provide a regular monthly benefit for you or your loved ones, which could be used to help cover rent payments in the event of your death or if you’re diagnosed with a specified critical illness, during the length of the plan.

Ready to Protect Your Health & Your Loved Ones?

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