Tailored Tariffs and Void Management Service for Landlords

We partner with Scottish Power to provide our landlords with the very best property energy management.

What Is Void Energy?

Void energy occurs when your property is empty or between tenants. It’s important to find a supplier that can find you the best tariff for your circumstances so that you can pass that great tariff on to your tenants, too. A void energy solution can help you to save time and money when you’re getting new tenants.

Our Partner Scottish Power

We partner with Scottish Power to offer our landlords a seamless transition between tenancies and a tailored tariff to keep costs low while your property is empty.

Scottish Power has been recognised as an award-winning large supplier by the Uswitch Energy Satisfaction Awards and is the first integrated energy service in the UK to provide 100% green energy.

We’ve chosen them to be our trusted partner in supplying great tariffs to our landlords when in-between tenancies.


Ready to Switch to a Void Energy Supplier with a Tariff That Suits You?

Request a callback and one of our helpful product consultants will be in touch to explain what void management is and how we can help you with it.

How It Works

Moving energy suppliers to Scottish Power and getting your void energy managed is easy with Tenant Shop.

  1. Request a callback and chat with one of our helpful team.
  2. Let us tell you about the great tariff options on offer through our preferred partner, Scottish Power, and show you how much you can save.
  3. Relax while we handle the paperwork and make the switch for you. We’ll work with Scottish Power to keep on top of your energy void management.

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