Deposit Alternative

When you rent with Reposit, you avoid having a large amount of cash tied up in a deposit meaning you can spend money on what you love.

Tenants pay a 1 week non-refundable service charge to Reposit, which provides landlords with 8 weeks’ worth of end-of-tenancy protection. When you pay your service charge, equal to just 1 week’s rent, they add your landlord as a named beneficiary to an insurance policy underwritten by Canopius, a Lloyd’s of London Syndicate insurer.

Like a traditional deposit, you will remain liable for any unreasonable damage or rent arrears at the end of the tenancy. If you default on fair payment, our insurance will pay the landlord but it will impact your credit score.

Reposit operates through a user-friendly web platform, meaning that your agent can get you moved in quicker. It only takes a matter of minutes to create an account and purchase a Reposit.

An alternative to the traditional tenancy deposit, Reposit gives you back financial freedom. Speak to your Letting Agent to find out more.

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