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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has submitted its response to the government’s consultation on scrapping Section 21 evictions.

They have been encouraging landlords to join the fight for fairer repossessions, which has resulted in over 6,000 people sharing their thoughts on the controversial announcement. The Rogue landlord database reform closed last week, and the feedback is currently being analysed.

Landlords have warned that axing Section 21 repossessions will see landlords leave the sector, and others will refuse to rent to those who are not in work.

The RLA found that of the landlords that have used Section 21 in the past:

  • 84 per cent had used it because their tenant hadn’t been paying rent
  • 56 per cent had used it because of damage to property
  • 51 per cent had used it because of anti-social behaviour
  • 26 per cent said that they had served a Section 21 notice at the tenants’ request – to enable them to seek social housing to avoid them being classed as intentionally homeless

The RLA said:

“If landlords always have to prove that the legal ground for anti-social behaviour is met, it will mean tenants will be able to challenge a notice to evict.”

David Smith, RLA policy director, commented:

“The system for repossessing properties should be fair to both tenants and landlords. The government’s plans do not achieve this.”

“The Ministry of Justice’s failure to properly engage with the process and provide clear and detailed proposals to improve the court system is especially disappointing.”

“Tenants and landlords need assurance that in legitimate circumstances they will not be subjected to long and stressful legal proceedings in repossession cases.”

“Without this and other changes the government’s plans to scrap Section 21 will just make life more difficult for tenants.”

We will provide you with an update once the results of the consultation have been published.

To view the consultation, click here.

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