Rental Property Insurance Your Tenants Can Trust

Property insurance is great for your tenants’ peace of mind. We can help them find one to give them the cover they need.

Accidents Happen, but the Right Property Insurance Can Help

It would be lovely if all your properties were returned to you exactly as when you handed over the keys. But the reality is that even the most conscientious tenants have accidents. Suggesting property insurance to your tenants is a great way to give them peace of mind that they won’t be liable, no matter what happens. Our insurance packages can protect them for up to £5,000 of damages if they’re liable under their tenancy agreement.

Why Choose Us

We work with letting agents to make moving home for tenants as easy as possible. When your tenants are happy, you can spend less time handling queries and more time building relationships and matching your clients with their perfect rental properties.

We only have your tenants’ best interests at heart when we recommend our products to them, which is why we’ve won the Best Tenant Services Provider at the ESTAS six years in a row.

Our advice to your tenants is free and impartial, and we only work with the UK’s most trusted lenders to find an insurance deal that will pay out when they need it to.

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Peace of Mind for Your Tenants and for You

Chat with one of our product consultants to find out how rental property insurance can protect your tenants should anything happen that they’re liable for.

How It Works

Your tenants are in safe hands with Tenant Shop. We make it easy for them to find great property protection they can rely on.

  1. Request a callback and one of our product consultants will be in touch.
  2. Put us in touch with the tenant interested in property insurance, and we’ll chat them through their options. You can reassure them that our advice is free, impartial and obligation-free.
  3. If your tenant is happy to move forward, then we will take care of the paperwork. So they can relax knowing that they’ve found the best insurance deal at the best value.

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