Get the Best Gas and Electricity Deals for Your Tenants

With so many gas and electricity comparison sites to choose from, Tenant Shop is an easier way to find the best deals for your tenants.

Gas and Electricity Switch Comparisons Made Easy

At Tenant Shop, we want to make it as easy as possible for your tenants to move home. Our new Energy Assist service makes it easier for your tenants to consistently find the very best energy deals for them. We work with the UK’s leading utility companies to find the very best energy deals. Once we’ve found the one that’s right for your tenant, we will make the switch for them, saving your tenants time, effort, and money.

Providing a better experience for your tenants with Energy Assist

We’ve been working with letting agents for over 10 years, so we know how important it is to provide an excellent service that keeps your tenants returning again and again. We know that building trust with your clients is essential, and that making life easy as possible for them is a great way to continue building those relationships.

You can trust Energy Assist to find the best energy solution for your tenant. We will complete the energy comparisons on their behalf and automatically switch them to the tariff that suits them best. Once that tariff comes to an end, we’ll automatically find them a new deal that suits their preferences. We’ll process the switch, send the paperwork, and best of all, this great service won’t cost the tenant a penny, yet you’ll earn commission for each tenant who signs up.

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Get Your Tenants a Great Deal on Gas and Electricity

We can help your tenants save time and money on their energy deal. Simply put them in touch with one of our friendly team or get in touch to find out more.

SULU Energy Bridge

With Sulu Energy Bridge, we can offer your clients a seamless transition between tenancies and a tailored tariff designed to save money whilst a property is standing empty.

We work with leading energy suppliers to find the very best tariff for your landlords, and can minimise energy costs, thanks to SULU. If you’d like to hear more about SULU, simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts.

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