The dynamic approach to referencing

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Tenant Shop is excited to announce the launch of its new referencing product, Dynamic Referencing!

We understand that every Letting Agent is different and every Tenant is different. That’s why we have launched our 3-tier bespoke approach to referencing with: Active, Active+, and Dynamic available.

So what makes us Dynamic?

We aim to help make your business more profitable, whilst streamlining the referencing process.

Our unique offering contains several key advantages. The industry average shows that around 20% of tenants fail their credit check. If this happens and you choose not to progress with the application, you’d only ever be charged for the cost of the credit check.

You can change the level of your referencing up/down at any relevant point during the referencing process. We will only charge for the work we have completed.

Multi-source and real-time data means we reduce the risk of tenant default.

What makes Dynamic Referencing different?

  • A flexible approach to pricing
  • Bespoke referencing options Active, Active+ and Dynamic
  • Multiple sources of trusted data
  • Measures trustworthiness as well as creditworthiness
  • Integrated revenue-generating solutions
  • ‘Right to Rent’ document authentication support using GBG’s IDscan®
  • ID verified Employer/Landlord/Character testimonies

To find out more, please contact our Business Relationship Manager Ross on 020 3985 3245 or 07395285573. Alternatively, you can email us for more information at

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